Witness your child's developmental evolution in:

  • language skills
  • ,
  • literacy,

  • listening,

  • problem solving,

  • social skills,

  • self-esteem,

  • and musicality
  • .

    And it happens within a
    nurturing environment-
    full of energy,
    and playful delight








Over 25 years of experience


Kindermusik International has more than 25 years of experience creating curricula based on new and proven research in child development. The award-winning books, CDs, games, and instruments nurture skills in the whole child:

cognitive, physical, social, self-esteem,
emotional, language and musicality.

In a Kindermusik by Zandra class, an educator will lead a group of parents and their children through joyful activities, using music and movement. Parents learn more about their child's unique developmental process, and the shared learning experience creates a unique bond as the child associates learning with fun, musical play.

The learning process continues at home, guided by specially designed books, CDs, and games.

  • Movement and dance activities improve coordination and balance.
  • One-on-one parent and child interaction nurtures self-esteem.
  • Music-making and music listening activities develop self-discipline, as well as critical and creative thinking skills.
  • By adding new concepts and challenges along the way, each age-appropriate program acts as a stepping stone to the next-paving the way to a musical journey that can last seven magnificent, musical years.