Enrollment includes:

  • Age appropriate curriculum
  • 5-Sessions
  • Daily aprox 160 min.
    (varies by location)
  • Home Materials:

  • aa home activities,
    aIa literature component,
    aIa instrument or prop,
    aIa CD of music from class,
    aIa and other special materials,
    aIa carry bag or box
  • All for only:€ 125







Music, stories, snacks, crafts...and fun

The Kindermusik Adventures summer camp series was created by the musical learning experts at Kindermusik International. Plus, the newest summer camps utilized the expertise of Kindermusik Educators. Every activity, from the songs to the snacks, helps children learn how they learn best—by inspiring their natural sense of wonder and imagination in a developmentally appropriate, musical way.
Adventures Unit Descriptions

What A Parent And Child Will Experience In Class

In just five lessons experience a summer’s worth of music, stories, and activities created to inspire a lifetime of learning. In a Kindermusik summer camp, parents and children will play, learn, sing, dance, create, and share in the fun of making music together. A trusted Kindermusik educator guides the class through each research-proven and giggle-approved activity.
Inspire children’s love of learning in our delightfully engaging summer sessions. Best of all, every one of our summer camp activities—the music, stories, and crafts—is specially designed to nurture every child's natural curiosity, eventually drawing each child toward learning new words, new concepts, and new big ideas.

Unit Descriptions

Peek-A-Boo! I Love You!—newborn to 1.5 years
More than just a curious story, Mother Goose games like peek-a-boo help babies understand language. In this special camp, uncover more ways to say "I love you" using American Sign Language, soap bubbles, and parent-baby dances. Plus, parents can meet with other newborns and families in the community and learn how music improves the child development process.
Home Materials: Peek-A-Boo! I Love You! board book, Home CD, duck wash mitt, baby duck Gertie ball, and poster.

Busy Days—newborn to 1.5 years
Set your baby's day to classical music. With a little more Tchaikovsky in your "Twinkle, Twinkle" repertoire discover new ways baby benefits from the classics as you develop an appreciation for the world's most respected music. Each lesson features new activities and songs that the parent can sing for all the places baby and mom go together—the store, the playground, the doctor, and more.
Home Materials: Busy Day board book, Home CD, Village cage bell instrument, and poster.

Zoo Train!—1.5 years to 3 years old
Toddlers and trains make a natural match—always on the move. Tag along this summer with a traveling zoo train. Bring your own stuffed animals for the petting zoo. Wear long white socks on your hands for polar bear paws and learn about real animals in the zoo. Sing songs for clapping time, and use music to help toddlers regulate emotions.
Home Materials: Zoo Train book, Home CD, animal shaker instrument, and poster.

Creatures in My Backyard—1.5 years to 3 years
Give children something to sing about in their own backyards. Be the flower from the "seed's" perspective. Run and jump in rain puddles made from hula hoops. Snack on whole wheat mini-waffles dipped in honey, just like a real honeycomb. Shoo real flies and sing "Shoo Fly."
Home Materials: Home CD, Bunny hand puppet, and a set of 5 picture folders.

Creatures at the Ocean—1.5 years to 3 years
Sing sailor songs and make the ocean count. "Five little seashells lying on the shore: Swish! Went the waves and then there were four." Make homemade kites and fish sandwiches using fish-shaped bread and P.B. and J.
Home Materials: Home CD, pair of seashell castanet instrument, a set of 10 story cards and 5 picture folders.

On the Road—3 years to 5 years
Re-live your childhood, with your child. Every song is likely to revive a memory from your summers’ past. Play “Eye Spy” and find shapes in the clouds to pass the time. Take imaginary trips in a bus named “Van Go” to fun-filled vacation destinations such as the carnival, a summer cottage, and the beach.
Home Materials: On the Road book, Home CD, frog guiro instrument, and poster.

Confetti Days!—3 years to 5 years
Throw a new party every day. Ride a carousel inside the classroom. Play a balancing game and walk on the web of ropes. Do a musical move and freeze. Learn colors and sing the Spanish song "De Colures," "Pop, Goes the Weasel," and "Looby Loo."
Home Materials: Home CD, pair of confetti bell instruments, story kit, and a set of 5 picture folders.

Around the World—4 years to 7 years
Take an imaginary trip—explore the exotic cultures of Germany, Japan, Africa, England, and Mexico. Play the native instruments. Drape sheets over cardboard boxes and sing over the German mountain tops. Toss peanuts on the floor and bring good luck to one's home in this Japanese custom. Send messages in Nigeria with "talking drums."
Home Materials: Home CD, arts and craft materials, a set of 5 picture folders, and a travel bag.

Tell Me a Tale—4 years to 7 years
Through storytelling, children will develop an early awareness of rhythm, movement, singing, and drama. Each lesson features a new tale from around the world, explored through multi-instrument and multi-cultural elements. All told, it’s an around-the-imagination adventure of the greatest stories from Europe, Malaysia, South Africa, and more.
Home Materials: Tell Me a Tale book, Home CD, pair of lumi sticks instrument, and poster.